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Due to the emergency situation existing in the United States as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Law Office of Dennis Drouillard will not be staffed regularly from March 18, 2020 until a date to be determined. Mr. Drouillard remains available by appointment and for remote consultation via e-mail and telephone.

Existing clients should understand that most of the state judicial courts of Bexar County are neither hearing nor granting non-emergency relief to the public. In conformity with the local, state and national declarations of emergency, these courts are not hearing and not granting relief on even uncontested, non-emergency matters. Some clients believe they need immediate relief for various reasons (whether due to tax or financial reasons); however, those immediate needs may not be deemed as emergent by the judiciary.

Accordingly, Mr. Drouillard asks clients to be patient as everyone--including all branches of government at the local, state, and federal levels--navigates these unusual times.


Dennis J. Drouillard is a lawyer whose mission is to resolve civil disputes by zealously advocating for and representing his clients in all phases of pre-litigation, litigation and appeals—from start to finish.

Start-to-finish representation includes conducting jury and bench trials; however, it is much more than just receiving verdicts and doing trial work. It includes representing clients in conducting pre-litigation investigations, preparing or defending against demands before the existence of a lawsuit, or conducting mediation in an effort to resolve a dispute. It also includes administrative hearings before the Texas Medical Board, the Appraisal Review Board (ARB), the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH), or other types of administrative bodies (such as a local Planning and Zoning Commission or a local Board of Adjustment).


In start-to-finish representation, Dennis represents clients in the trial courts of Texas, a federal district court and, if necessary, before the Texas intermediate appellate courts or the Texas Supreme Court.


Listening to clients and shaping a strategy to achieve a client's goal is key to helping a client through a legal problem.  Dennis listens to his clients and helps shapes their strategies. Sometimes, a client needs a legal business strategy to deal with personnel issues, business contracts, complex or apex discovery, board of directors' issues, or settlement negotiations. Dennis helps in all of these areas.

Dennis has represented people from diverse walks of life, including: politicians, police officers, medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, working dads, women in the workplace, college students, military personnel, landlords, tenants, and injured people. He also has represented the City of San Antonio, the Bexar Appraisal District, appraisal districts in  Central Texas and south of San Antonio, non-profit organizations, small businesses, corporations, and joint enterprises.

During each phase of representation, Dennis analyzes the most economical and efficient means of achieving the objective in consultation with the client.
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By Dennis J. Drouillard
All Rights Reserved

Office is Located at:
Petroleum Center
900 Northeast Loop 410 Suite D-207
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Telephone:  (210) 299-7680
Facsimile:    (210) 299-7780

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